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Google Maps catches Chernobyl creatures

Chernobyl is paying attention once again, now with Google Maps technology, it worries us with images.

Google Map gathers a lot of paranormal phenomena in its photos, so hundreds of people in the world are on the ground to take awesome photos.

It is undoubtedly one of the most famous places for terrorists and lovers ChernobylThe city became known as the nuclear disaster that occurred on April 26, 1986.

This accident is believed to be the worst story of nuclear disaster. This resulted in the death of 31 dead people directly from the nuclear reactor and determined another 15 deaths, depending on the radiation or other factors. Chernobyl death last occurred in 2011

After the disappearance of the cities and the destruction of everything, the huge number of lovers have moved to the ghost town, to visit abandoned buildings and to have a first-hand experience.

But Chernobyl tourism does not end there Google Maps It offers several city routes to explore the comfort of your home. While there are almost no buildings, there are at least two horrors pending in the photos taken on Google Maps.

Although the first thing that shows the videos looks like some pages attached to the window, the faces shown later on can be clearly seen. However, all as paranormal, whether authentic or not, the final decision is yours.

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