Wednesday , October 20 2021

Google One officially to Chile and Latin America


Last May, Google announced that all the announced storage plans would be part of Google One, The service came with the help of Drive, Gmail, and Photos storage payments, but until then it was only for the United States.

Today, it has announced that Google One has reached Latin America, Chile, Peru, Argentina, among others. This means that driving storage prices will not be applied, but now all of the paid will apply to other services mentioned above.

All users have 15 GB free storage in Drive, Gmail and Photos, and from now on, plans have 100GB of storage (CLP 1400 per month) and 30TB ($ 212.990 per month). Each contracted plan includes a "transformation" in a family storage plan without additional cost. In it you can add five family members, among others.

It should be noted This change applies only to personal accounts. This means that G Suite users, business plans, will not be affected at any time.

Via: Press release

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