Sunday , February 5 2023

Google Pay is now available in Chile


A few months ago we went ahead and it's official! Google Pay makes your trip to Chile.

A Google platform that allows you to connect through a mobile phone NFC connection over the Android phone is now available and you can download the app right now. Google Pay From Google Play.

Google has informed us that we can add ours credit card CMR Visa Falabella for Google Pay mobile payments, as shown by the following captives:

But this is not a dear reader, but in the section Google Pay goes by You will find shopping stores located in Chile, such as the Starbucks Awards, Walmart Chile, LATAM Chile, Metro, Burger King, Hard Rock Café, Adidas, Santa Isabel, Canon, WOM … and many other stores.

So, if you have an Android device and NFC connectivity, welcome Chile's mobile payments through Google Payi in our country's official territories.


UPDATE 01:30

After an hour after publishing it again, Falabella activated the Google Pay system activation process completely.

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