Friday , August 19 2022

Government discarded to invoke Cosena for a situation in La Araucanía «Diario y Radio U Chile


This was followed by some doubts about the relationship between the ministries of Interior and Social Development about the focus that must be taken to address this problem.

In that line, President Sebastián Piñera, said that as a Government they are working on an integral solution to end the needs facing the area.

"Our government is pushing a national agreement for Araucanía. Some think that there is a policy of the Ministry of Social Development; another policy of the Ministry of the Interior. This is not the case, there is one policy. We are working with all sectors, that is why one of the tables of national agreement that we convened at the beginning of our government was a table to be able to design a national agreement to return Araucanía to peace, progress. "

This is in the midst of the pressures that come from the own officialism, to harden the position regarding the violence that has arisen in the region. In that sense, UDI congressmen called on the Government to convene the National Security Council, Cosena, to "remove the terrorist cancer of the area."

Also, they added that "the existence of terrorist attacks generated by violent groups and whose victims are innocent people, have shaped the need to establish special groups of Customs officers."

However, the proposal was ruled out by Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick: "They are opinions of some parliamentarians, that decision is taken by the President of the Republic and is not planned or planned, but that is what the President of the Republic decides, are opinions "he remarked.

In that same line, Government spokeswoman Cecilia Pérez said: "We do not have it planned, it is a faculty of President Sebastián Piñera (…) and therefore there may be many ideas, and for now that is not in the mind of Gobienro . There are several opinions, there are several requests, the only relevant thing is that whoever takes such decisions is the President of all the Chileans. "

The last time that the Cosena was summoned was in January of 2014 by the own Mandate, with the aim of analyzing the implications that could have the decision of the Court the International of Justice of the Hague on the marine demand of Peru.

It should be remembered that this instance originated in the military dictatorship and was subsequently reformed by Ricardo Lagos in 2005.

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