Friday , January 15 2021

Grandpa denounced his grandson grandson in San Antonio

The San Antonio Court of Appeals ordered a 70-year-old preaching decree to rape and repeated his grandson, Las Cruces, in the San Antonio sector.

13 years ago he has been the victim of abuse but, according to SoySanAntonio, two years ago, the child suffered sexual assault, and their parents accused of Carabineros being accused.

The man who wanted to declare himself before the magistrate, acknowledged the facts and clarified the consent of the minors.

Prior to the argument, Alvaro Mancilla prosecutor said that the victim's words have not been valid for 13 years and there is no possibility of mitigating the sentence.

Angélica Parra Miranda, curator of the PDI, said that she has conducted 100 days of research into the Brigades of Sexual Crimes Brigades.

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