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Hantavirus infected the victims of Chubut's birthdate

Six months each hantavirus It opened in Chubut town Epuyén They were known together. There are currently 50 people who are known to have a virus, and they shared a birthday with the first person hired by the disease.

Hantavirus infected the victims of Chubut - Photo

All of them, including the dead, are the inhabitants of Epuyen, the family circle and their friends. So far, 19 positive cases have been recorded (six deaths are counted), 8 excluded, 1 suspects and 2 observations.

But the main concern of this outbreak is the mutation of the virus transmitters transmitted and their transmission to the person. Doctors Teresa Strella This contamination was "closely related to patients, from the first 48 to 72 hours at the beginning of febrile events".

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He also explained that "this is something extraordinary" and "we do not think there is more virus than in other seasons. We have had cases of Hantavirus at this time, as in other countries." He also explained that "not all cases were recorded in other cases that were recorded in the town of Epuyen".

As the doctors said, everything began on November 24 to celebrate a teenage birthday. He contracted the disease to clean a shed from the pawn. He also infected the virus to his wife and girlfriend.

He and his wife recovered. However, a 14-year-old girl died. This happened on December 3 and the teenager was the first victim. Other cases emerged from this meeting, so 50 people of these circles were isolated in quarantine.

In isolation cases the doctor Jorge Elias He deepened the extraordinary measures of selective isolation. "We identify the closed contacts of positive cases in a personalized manner". Then added, they are still breathing the isolation from home.

Hantavirus is a disease that causes rashes, affects directly the effects of human respiration and is not treated over time.

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