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"Happy to be testing my name, it would be a great challenge"

The Panamanian Huachipato World Cup final has left her contract for three days and may leave Talcahuano. With the conversation with La Estrella de Concepción, the attacker loves it, although it is the first chance that it will be the southernmost.

Gabriel Torres, 30, is one of the names of the Colo Colo team to reinforce the 2019 team.

Colo Colo is a good champion Huachipato striker, with the look of Talcahuano. In numbers, the Central American won 15 goals and passed Esteban Paredes (with 19 goals scored).

The striker only hired three days with the South Group. It has not been upgraded yet, and this option is always and much more heard. Therefore, in conversation with La Estrella de Concepción, Torres allowed Macul to land. "I am very pleased that a group like Colo Colo has noticed that it is something of pride"say Panamanian newspaper Penquista.

In addition, Torres concludes that in 2019 he will be dressed in the Indian box "It would be a great challenge for my professional career, it gives me happiness that my name is being explored by Cacique".

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Of course, you have to fix your status with Huachipato. According to the publication Estrella de Concepción, Gabriel Torres said "Huachipato has the first opportunity (to renew), but you have to negotiate the contract again … and you always want more". He also emphasized "We decided to talk before birthday". And the same note indicates that Huachipato's Professional Associations of Sports is not yet renewed or not. And finally I go to Colo Colorora, or not.

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