Thursday , September 16 2021

Hasbro will bring a new image to Mercy next year


This year it was very good in relation to the star's game merchandise Blizzard, Overwatch. We have seen usual ads from Hasbro, LEGO and GoodSmile, and Hasbro has once again presented a new line of action.

A few days ago, the official account Overwatch It was published on Twitter that Hasbro would launch the spring (northern hemisphere) of 2019, the new line of articulated heroes OverwatchFrom the most beloved community help, Mercy

Hasbro's series of articulated action series will be called Overwatch Ultimates. The new image that starts with this new series at Mercy will be 15cms in size. and will include the wings of his caduceus cane and his valkyrie costume.

Not yet Hasbro or Blizzard accused Mercy of the new figure of action figure, and they do not reveal whether they would be sold at the price of the sale or at the Blizzard Gear store, a weapon Nerf Rival, Hasva,, Reaper and McCree are only available in Gamestop and it is possible that this new articulated figure is reached for the first time.

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