Wednesday , October 20 2021

He denounced the woman accused of Pablo Mackenna: "She's called or writes for 200 days" | society


Pablo Mackenna Facebook accused a serious situation that surprised their followers: She is persecuting a woman.

In the story, the poet wrote: "Because the script wanted to sign some books". This did not go forward and began to annoy him, but with another look. MY LIFE IS MY BITARTE".

According to her, the woman recently asked for a political office, but she did not know her true identity, because she changed herself to vote more.

Then, exconductor of CQC "He denounced more than 100 calls that I have blocked and has new numbers. Call and write a new one at any time. She invites you to join me or will not stop. "

Additionally, in Mackenna's text, she says that she assures her that she only wants to help her influence through politics, new director TVN.

"Every day I call or write 200 times, which my daughter, who plays with the phone, is already afraid, because at any moment it sounds and blocks me, use another one," he said, "please", find out, say it inside. If someone knows your family, that's it dentren. Do not call me anymore. Let me stop scaring my daughter. Unicef, someone It offers immunity to dust. TVN is not ignored. President too. "

In the end, it was revealed that the person in charge knows each and every one of his cell phone activities when he speaks to other people for a few minutes.

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