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He forgot about his girlfriend's home phone and found in infidelity: he was online society

We have overcome all the inevitable arguments with all the couples, and they have been jealous since the very beginning.

Undoubtedly, infidelity is one of the worst betrayals in any area, and if that is a disappointment, the sum will be nothing more than an unpleasant mix of anger and pain.

In Argentina, such a case became dense on Twitter. #PobreMarcelo is about Hashtag, when fun chatting with a woman who finds his wife after finding her mobile phone suggestive messages.

Gabriela, the protagonist of the story, Marcelo Ceballos left to work in the morning and left his mobile phone forgotten on Instagram. Everything is normal.

The problem is that he reviewed the content of his "love" phone and found by means of WhatsApp that Marcelo "sensibly" made women of different women, who sent her penis pictures and videos and would return to them. The images appeared completely naked.

Gabriela could not stop rage and published videos of boys' videos on Instagram to use the funky and katharis videos to offer a "15-second trust" worthy of "Patty Cofré".

Everything started with the following sentence: "Marcelito left me to forget about the home phone, I liked to say to all the girls Instagram: Poor Marcelo!".

What did the others say?

The answer was immediate, he cited everything mentioned above denying his Instagram: "In principle, I want to refuse to deny myself with those I have. I have been distributing two months ago. On the other hand, seeing this society listening to and sharing of the episode, if it seems unfair to you, I violate my privacy, everyone speaks to me."

See this message on Instagram

When I first saw my boyfriend I wanted to deny it, I was separated two months ago, on the other hand, seeing this society seeing and participating in an episode of events, I find it unfair, I also violate my privacy and talk with me. Everyone regret it, fortunately, I support the help of my family and friends, who I am to help me to find out and help me. I regret many people who threaten private messages, and fortunately I have a lot more work than their lives. Goodbye

Marcelo Ceballos (@ marceloo.ceballos) shared publication

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