Wednesday , October 27 2021

"He made a sacrifice and there is still no agreement"


In the Admiral environment, they are negotiations about nightmares, but in the Monumental they expect to arrive at the usual point in the next week.

The negotiation of Julio Barroso to renew Colo Colo was much more difficult than Agustín OrionAfter a few days they reached an agreement.

At the beginning, when Admiral was close, Marcelo Espina publicly announced the interests of Blanco and Negro. He then bogged down and listened to offers. The universities looked carefully. Then he approached and now they have stopped.

"He has made a huge sacrifice to bring him around 40% already, but there is still no Black and White agreement"They approached Mercury's lectures.

We hope to decide in the monumental week or not. If the answer is negative, Plan B will be activated at the top of Sergio Vittor, U. de Concek.

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