Wednesday , September 28 2022

He was accused of not being careless in the act of neglect, at the age of 6 under the tutor of his death


On Tuesday Antonella Arias was the funeral of Sánchez, when a 6-year-old girl died Under the sponsorship of a Sename assistant After suffering a traffic accident at the northern entrance to Temuco.

During the five days Hernanin Henríquez Aravena Hospital was hospitalized after suffering from a small intestine and a perforated lung injury.

The mother of the girl was distributed on November 6, after an anonymous report, the child had been mistreated for being a family member.

Based on this situation, he visited Victoria from his mother's house The house of Cecilia Widmer de Traiguén.

On November 26, when this is not clearly stated, an accidental accident has been transferred from a hospital in this region to a home worker.

María Elena Irarrázaval, Rosa Sánchez, mother of Antonella, has been a lawyer, during the custody of the child, there were serious irregularities, for example, Antonella's irresponsibility transfer I did not travel in a special chair According to their age, she added some extra information about her daughter's health status.

Antonella died last Sunday, five days after staying, while she waited for a machine that could clear her body.

In the opinion of the lawyer, the negligence of the company's actions neglects the bad conditions and the minors in the Senama cooperation centers.

According to the lawyer's lawsuit, Senamans have been silent and have no explanation for the mother's murder.

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