Saturday , June 10 2023

He worked: the young man deflected his face after the shot, showed the society before and after


Two years ago, American young Cameron Underwood was thinking of suicide as a result of a gruesome depression. However, Californian has failed in his attempt and has been left alive.

The effects that Burez made were reflected on the face, completely disfigured. 26-year-old American, He lost most of his teeth and nose.

However, after misfortune, he showed a clear expectation with the surgeon Eduardo Rodríguez of the University of New York at Langone Health in Manhattan, in the face of a reconstructive surgeon, as outlined in The Sun.

It was in January of this year, when the specialist participated in the Cameron operation, accompanied by more than 100 doctors. Using the donor 3D print mask, the expert changed the situation of young peopleAfter 25 hours.

It is worth mentioning that for the transplant, Rodríguez did it corpse face graft to live with patience. In this case, donor was William Fisher, a young man who died in 2017 fighting a mental illness.

Ten months after the intervention, the doctor finally had the good results of Underwood. "Although I am recovering and recovering the feeling and mobility, especially with my lips, I'm very happy with the results"said the young man in a speech that presents his new face.

Review the intervention result:

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