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Height of Juan Andrés Camus: Piñera won and the stock market was the worst since 2013

It's bad at the end of the year Chile Stock Exchange and its main indicator, IPSA, which will close Monday, December 31, with a fall of around 9%.

In this situation, the statements of President of the Stock Exchange of Santiago, Juan Andrés CamusIn October 2017, President Sebastian Piñera did not win the "decline in the price of shares".

Paradoxically for Camus, Piñera has been selected and IPSA has fallen by 9.02 percent down until now in 2018, leaving in 2013 a record-breaking workout in 2013, after falling 14 percent.

"The Chilean stock market is very bad in the world, like many exchanges of stock, collect information on the creation of uncertainties and a loss of profitability of 9 per cent as regards the impact of pension funds," said the journalist. Roberto Saa, from Weight with weight.

It must be remembered that Camus, who contributed 13 million to 10,000 pesos to the Piñera campaign, said that the right victory was "a good news for investors," which is a "livelier market", but the current market results show an opposite scenario.

Saak stressed that "What we are witnessing is that stock will end in 2013 with its worst activityThe worst performance in five years, the drop in profitability of IPSA, that is, the main indicator, 9%. "

"Contrast with 9 percent this fall with the IPSA increase by 34% with President 2017 (Michelle) with Bachelet. Under Camus's dictionary, it is not the market president IPSA rose 34 percent and with a pro-market president IPSA fell 9 percent "he said.

To this end, President Piñera will join the tweet, which was held ten times after the price of small fuels mentioned by his government's actions. The rise and fall of the benzine correspond to the international factors and the price of the dollar.

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