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Hermes Soto was a liar: he assured the former CEO Ex GOPE of the crime of Catrillanca.

The former Patricio Sepúlveda of GOPE based on the crime of the Mapuche community and focused on the thesis that needed false information. Thus, Cristián Inostroza Quiñiñir's lawyer said "twice (…) that he was called by my Major Soto". The former official version contradicts the ups and downs raised by the former chief of the uniformed police officer, who said that the subordinates involved in the events had suspended all their responsibilities and said they were "lying."

The United Nations member Patricio Sepúlveda, a member of Patrol Jungla's four-member of the patrol killed by the crime of Camilo Catrillanca, was the director general of Carabineros Hermes Soto, due to the slogan of false murders. Mapuche community.

In the Third statements, the former GOP reported the moments of crime and revealed to Cristián Inostroza Quiñiñir's lawyers, "said Soto Nagusia." The verse contradicts what the former chief of the uniformed police has raised, the subordinates involved in the events discharged all their responsibilities, "they said they lied."

The version of Patricio Sepúlveda coincides with the former GOP in other cases, which in this case were false. "The lawyer Inostroza sent the instructions, the order and order given by Mr. Manuel Valdivieso," he said. It is noteworthy that Inostroza Quiñiñir does not defend any type of participation, and accuses him of being accused of losing false accusations as an impediment to this investigation. Valdivieso Araucanía was head of GOPE and has now been transferred to Talca.

"He said he should face the demand"

According to Sepúlveda, the order "Let's say it was a fight and crossed the line of fire and only made dissuasive plans and nobody walked in with the cameras. When I heard them, I was silent and filled my request." Alarcon told them the truth. Later that day, the truth came out, Valdivieso Mayor told Alarcon "or would you go to jail".

If he heard a conversation or received instructions from Inostroza lawyer, Sepúlveda was answered. "When I mentioned the two calls that I had received, I called it called the Major Soto. I do not remember the day or the time. I say others, apparently, have heard him speak, that is, I know," he said.

GOPA adds that the 4 member of the pattern "never agrees" to mount this false version, finally "was a request and the orders were filled." "We were thinking of thinking, thinking, and blocking in a state of shock, traumatic or frightening and very stressful in the face of an event, thinking of thinking in our minds," he said.

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"The tragic accident has been"

Regarding the communal crime, he said "it was a tragic accident, it was never a hurt or a murder."

"They were sworn in as it was protected under the law, against the arrest of the tractors, Uberrek made an official shot at the airport for a long time," he admitted, even the President of the Republic, who was not suspecting the driver Uber, who stole 3 vehicles, where they had minors. We just did not do it, it was an unexpected tragedy, which is why I think it was necessary to arrest or arrest people. The retirement was a small tractor, my colleagues did not want to hurt themselves and killed them, "he said.

Video recording

Sepulveda Sergeant also recorded a personal camera when Catrillanca died.

The record was kept secret for a few weeks, and his defense, now head of the lawyer Javier Jara, has taken place last Wednesday. In fact, the departure of Hermes Soto began under the command of the organization.

"I always wanted to show them. I did not know what to do. I was very confused and everything became complex. I did not have an attorney, this information was not available to anyone. For the reasons already known, my lawyer resigned (Cristián Inostroza Quiñiñir), and once again I was without a defense lawyer. When he received a case from the current lawyer, he said that we should say the whole truth and report this record He also sent me to the Prosecutor's Office, where he was summoned by the prosecutor on the same day. "

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