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Hermitages, bridges and hospitals: Public projects of up to 97 years have waited | national


The oldest unfinished Chilean work was born in 1922 and designed by the architect of the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona: Antonio Gaudí. Many Rancagüinos are expected to die for the replica of the Asunción Chapel, in the O & # 39; Higgins region.

As in the chapel there are roads and infrastructures that sleep across the country. It is due to several reasons: bankruptcy or construction, financing problems and even archaeological finds, according to El Mazo Mercurio.

There are delays as well, but half a century ago, such as the reservoir PunillaTo build a hydroelectric power station that will be located on the Ñuble, 564 million dollars (about $ 380 million).

The project has been an Environmental Qualification since 2010 and, according to the Ministry of Finance (MOP), it will not be able to start working until 2019, engineering will be launched.

It is a big problem that is overwhelming the local reality in two flagship projects (and perhaps forgotten ones).


The International Antarctic Center (whose design finished in 2017) was suspended, the mayor of María Teresa Castañón Magallanes expressed his preferences. "I can not pass everything in a single project, people who are struggling in today's home."he said.

The scientific work of Puntarenas costs $ 84 million. That's more than $ 56 million.

There is also another obstacle, construction of 400 meters of La Serena and Vallenar route 5. The project is awaiting a report by the National Monument Council (CMN) in 2014 to carry out the archaeological discovery of El Olivar.

After cutting off unpunished options, the CMN approved a proposal from MOP and serious work will be restarted in April 2019.

In the midst of the country, when the population of Santiago de Compostela was expanding and expanding, the CMN report on the 2016 war conflicts was also expected. In the end, the land will release this year's land and will cost $ 181 million. soon

ARCHIVE | ONE agency
ARCHIVE | ONE agency


On the other hand, there are projects that have not seen the construction companies. This was the second phase of the GAM Cultural Center, starting in 2015 and only 48%. The MOP will call a new tender.

Since 2014, La Araucanía connects the road that connects the Tranapuente region with the S-138 road.

In Osain, the PDI building since 201 is expected to cost $ 14.5 million. Wrapped in the list of delayed projects, Harry Jurgens, the Mayor of Los Lagos, has said that they are "working to unlock."


In total, there are three hospital steps for the health center of El Salvador.

On the one hand, 11 years ago, he is awaiting Huasco in the Atacama region. Maulen, the Cauquenes hospital is expected since 2010, but with the cost almost tripled in the north of the country.

Cadastre interruption

In the Arica district, the commonplace was suspended in July 2016. In the Tarapacá region since the grid of the electrical network Colchane has stopped.

In Antofagasta, Circunvalación was designed between 2012 and 2017 and never heard of any progress. This work has a cost of 158 million dollars.

Valparaíso Company in 2015 Av. The recovery works for Spain are missing 1.2 million dollars.

Towards the South, in Bío Bío, the extension of Route 160 has disappeared from 2010, connecting with Concepción with the province of La Lota and Arauca, whose cost is more than 6 million dollars.

The bridge between Los Ríos, Cochrane and Los Pelúes disappears from 2017 due to the problems that expose.

In Patagonia, the Caleta Tortel emblematic sewer system has been waiting for 11 years to work for more than 8,000 million dollars for the benefit of the community.

Many of these projects are combined with private companies and, although they are of different interest, the state resources allocated to the work are contributions of all citizens.

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