Wednesday , October 27 2021

Historical: SII will raise more than $ 1 million in SQM sales to Tianqi mining company in China. | economy


The highest amount paid in history, more than $ 1 million, will be met with the Treasury SQM 24% sells Chinese company Tianqi; United States Amortized $ 4.070 Million Dollar Sales In Santiago Stock.

"News for a sharp tax year"They said about the government.

Introduction to the Chinese company Tianqi SQM, a competitor of the world's lithium market, will receive more than $ 100 million.

Thus, from December 3, at the Santiago Boli Stock Exchange, Canadian Nutrition company auctioned an auction of 2470 million non-metallic mining at an auction of 4,070 million dollars.

The payment of the sales according to the sale was good news from the Minister of Finance. Felipe LarrainIn a fiscal year, he said.

According to the opposition, the deputy of the Communist Party, Daniel NúñezHe appraised the valuation of the payment of taxes, said appeal against the crime against the reform of executive executives Michelle Bachelet, and questioned the Government, which regulates the regulation in the project.

Since last year, Internal Tax Service This operation was controlled by prevention, with a multidisciplinary team, according to Fernando Barraza.

In this regard, they point out that they have a high technical rigor and the first taxes and taxes affecting the profit generated by the thousand million operations.

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