Thursday , October 6 2022

HMD Global sold 70 million Nokia phones


Great news on the legendary brand, by the best company HMD Global That is to say, knowing that being profitable must be profiled.

They do not know and / or remember, less than two years ago, announced the return to the market for Nokia by HMD Global. The latter decided to authorize the brand and the first patent license. This, apart from the former members of the well-known and well-known Finnish cellular telecommunications and executive companies.

It should also be overlooked that, at the end of August of the same year, Chile officially arrived.

But today, there is a central landmark to say and listen to those two companies that work together.

70 million Nokia phones

In more than two years' experience, HMD Global launched 70 million Nokia phones. He covers it as well smartphones as Feature phones (basic phones).

Of this number, 56 million units are targeted at men over 35 with prior knowledge of the company.

In complementary way, The organization acknowledged that the cheapest devices are the main source of income. On the other hand, its main terminal did not expect the performance, although this was not eliminated.

As reported, It is now Nokia 6.1 smartphone best-seller's "latest device" repertoire, so to speak. Highlight also great Hype Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 7 Plus.

A high-altitude A

Predictions and future opinions on the future, In HMD, they emphasize the desire to strengthen Nokia's location segment smartphones Between 300 and 400 euros. Even though the different manifestation aimed at young audiences with different campaigns marketing.

However, They also stressed that the purpose of 2019 is to establish the so-called "middle range" (high-midrange) on the market. Given this, it is essential to think this gadget Nokia 9, with 5 rear cameras. And even if you consider purchasing the legendary PureView.

As the company is aware that, until now, nothing has been innovative or very important, innovation will be essential for 2019. Between 2020 and 2021, we expect the boats to be attractive, eye-catching and innovative.

They will also invest more resources to improve the customer service and improve the desire to build a better online community.

In addition, there will be more accessories for your own phones to create a larger ecosystem.

In the case of future teams, the idea is to follow the same title strategy as a title. For example, as an example Nokia 6.1's successor will be Nokia 6.2, and then Nokia will be 6.3, and so on.

But the company does not let the details go away, At least, it does not claim any kind of intention retro As with Nokia 3310. Also They do not guess smartphone Looking to the world game- in the short term.

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