Monday , October 18 2021

Hope County's evolution in a partial screen


Before reaching the Final Game Award, we saw a nuclear disaster from Hope County that happened to Far Cry 5. But that was just in the preamble Ubisoft post-apocalypse.

Far Cry New Dawn has spent 17 years after the global crisis. Our role? Along with other cohabitants, we must fight against a new threat. This time we will face two great villains. But it will also be possible to recover the open world. Well, more or less the same.

Actually, since it was announced Far Cry New DawnWe have not seen the first game of his alpha game since time immemorial. Comparison between this new footage and something that goes on stage to the fifth part Far Cry.

Fortunately, Cycu1's channel was not lost.

Depending on the channel, basically the map will be the same, although it is being remodeled with all kinds of adjustments to provide a post-apocalyptic background.

And a priori, even in a more wild environment, Ubisoft works hard to ensure that time is not spent, as nature reaches scenery and construction gradually, erosion and vegetation.


An interesting and hopeful move. Especially for the first time, it will be followed by a live saga and we will return to a place where we are fighting against Joseph Seed's fall.

Now, we must admit that the new contextual change is done New Dawn Be more interesting than the previous one.

New experience or large layers of sheet and paint in Hope County? February 15, the date will be available Far Cry New Dawn PS4, Xbox One and PC, we will be much clearer.

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