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Horoscope, Monday, November 26, 2018


After a long time and a great opportunity to take a break after doing his work. The family circuit may have some friction lines. Help with a emotional personal problem. Company.

Moment: green is forgotten.

In a single day, on some occasions, psychiatrists, some airships targeted at people sharing the work area. Rationalizing emotions is not something that costs a mental bullfight, which is very good at this time.

Moment: beach color.

He will take decisions today with the conviction and certainty of his thoughts. Search for and find out about your life project. Emotional and affective achievements positive environments in the family environment.

Moment: tan.

It's an avid day for small crabs, busy and confused, to make things harder. Check emotions to separate them from their thoughts and not be afraid of being ill. Concentration and criteria.

Moment: white.

The sun, which shines in the minds of self-sufficiency in the tribe, extends family situations. Try, at the same time, to feel the responsibilities of others, to continue growing.

Moment: light steel color.

Family issues will bring some complications. Try to commit yourself to the responsible release or the one who is called. It is not necessary to also allow others to make mistakes.

Moment: chrome.

It's a day with a clear and clear mind to study the course to follow. Dreams are not fulfilled, but ideas for work. The hearts of Libras have the chance to start today.

Moment: Fuchsia.

Enjoy scorpios, always paying special attention to the demands of others. They get some points about the situations to be addressed. Stable health, the need to walk.

Moment: green forest.

Mixed feelings and true looking partner relationships. It's not emotionally necessary for anger or disorder, it's a conversation path. Casual encounter and distraction.

Moment: colored corn.

We always know that we do not always work with great capacity to work. We are not always able to provide good things, but we can always fight and expect expectations. Wisdom and understanding

Moment: turquoise.

It has a feeling of nonsense and worry, it gives you a sui generis day, with ups and downs and emotional emotions. I think it's not a bad thing, sometimes, to sit down and think and discuss. Decision and freedom to find out who you are.

Momentum: indigo.

Try to rationalize the weight we do not have to rationalize. Know and work out extreme sensations, the only one that helps us to change peace and peace. Stay in the middle

Moment: amber.

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