Tuesday , May 18 2021

How can I find out about the benefits of my low cost card? The Government has launched a platform that offers 3 airlines to compare

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications is launching When you buy the different flights from three international airlines: JetSmart, Sky Airlines and Latam.

This government initiative intends To facilitate the search for information for usersIncluding services and restrictions with the lowest internal travel rates.

The intention is that consumers can take it If you buy your tickets, When they arrive at the airport, they do not meet additional loads.

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The website allows you to select airlines and then The aspect list will be displayed comparatively. In this way, the company lets you carry baggage or snap-in, if you choose seating, if you have food on board, the conditions of the changes or refunds and the regularity or punctuality of the company.

So, for example, they are The services included in the economic rate:

To access the platform and to perform your search, click on the photo below:

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