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How much does it cost in 10 of the best PSU scores?

They learned about 300 thousand young people a week University Selection Test (PSU), which also gave an account of current reality education in Chile, with the differences between schools.

According to the ranking prepared by Valparaiso PUC, Friday was published in Mercurio, It can be an extension of 12 million dollars a year One of the establishments that have obtained better PSU scores.

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This value will also be taken into account Monthly payment and tuition paid once a year, Admission exam costs, parent center fees and access fees.

In the list of 10 of the best PSUs in the country, La Reina Granja Eskola First, the most expensive school in the country stands out: it is the total expense of $ 12,812,419, which is the fourth floor of the PSU.

In detail, this establishment may require a fee Over 5 million pesos, $ 358,355 tuition, $ 137,825 for administrative expenses and $ 6,803,236 $ 6,831,236 annual payment receipt.

As an exception Augusto D & # 39; Halmar Town Hall (Average PSU 3), in other establishments, annual income of more than $ 2 million per student must be paid.

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Details of this department, below:

Grange School$ 12,812,4194th
Tabancura$ 6,243,6707th
Andes$ 6,243,6709th
Cambridge College$ 4,316,1441st
Akros$ 3,290,0008th
Morn$ 2,705,00010th
Francisco Encina$ 2,634,0002nd
Alba International$ 2,645,6576th
constitutional$ 2,470,6575th
Liceo Augusto D & # 39; Halmar$ 03rd

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