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How much has they shown on the television last year in 2018? | TV and shows

On November 31 and December 1, the traditional Telethon was held this year, one of the biggest tensions in the day. That is to say, only midnight, which exceeded the goal of $ 32 million.

Despite being a bit, on Thursday, the Teletón Foundation and Banco de Chil have announced the total amount collected in the love of 2018.

This crucifix of solidarity, with children over 40 years of age and young people, was able to achieve comprehensive rehabilitation and social inclusion, He passed the target and his latest collection came to 37,954,551,757 dollars.

This figure collects money in boxes and mailboxes, which are not counted at the end of the television program, and formalizing other commitment commitments.

According to the data indicated, people's contributions are 74.4% and 25.6% of companies are showing a permanent commitment. Mario Kreutzberger, leader of the solidarity campaign "We are pleased to thank you for the support of our solidarity campaign for over 40 years so that the needs of people with disabilities are visible and we are continuing to work on the next 40 years."

He added the executive director of Ximena Casarejos Fundación Teletón Foundation "Chile responds to Telethon's call and continues to respond with pride, this year, each one has passed its objective, which helps us to continue maintaining the quality of service and the maintenance of the primary rehabilitation".

The collection of branches from the Chilean Bank and branch offices led to Arica from Port Williams to 48.2% of the total, contributing to remote channels, the Internet, and mobile banking. , POS, Cajas Chile and ATMs – 17.9%. Additional boxes and boxboxes add up to 7.9%.

Eduardo Ebensperger, Chief Executive Officer of Banco de Chile, has been delighted to have overcome this year's goal, highlighting the positive work done by the Chilean team: "We respect and welcome the difference, our talents without hope for the service of others, they really make us human. Telethon allows us to see these values ​​again, since we often forget them."

Ebensperger thanked more than ten thousand volunteers that Banco de Chile "gave their time and effort to millions of people again showed their tremendous generosity with this solid crossing."

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