Monday , October 25 2021

"How much the style in the middle of the crisis": Compadre Moncho showed a "special" technique through breakthroughs and viral breaks


" Is this authentic? However, how much a crisis has been in the style, "said @ Twitter's Twitter user, together with a picture of Compadre Moncho, crossed the middle of a group of Carabineros Special Forces, which was the best viral in recent days.

The actress Adriano Castillo, his style, answered the question, and the police avoided the grace used to be the most widely used technique.

"It's very authentic, with just one dance step, I have not found it through the Special Forces," El Fantasma 2040 ", like the king of this tropical rainforest (huachaca)," he said.

Compadre Moncho's photo and commentary created laughter and created hundreds of comments in a good mood, as the actor raises himself in the crack category.

"Soon or later, the main avenues would be opened, where the commander Moncho, free and sovereign, passed," he said. .

"I have taken a gentle style, style", he added .

"You are a damn master Adriano, if you want to make the neck of Chuck Norris, I will continue to die and beyond, you should be president, think and respect," he wrote. .

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