Tuesday , January 18 2022

How much will the dollar be in March?


The exchange rate ended at 675.50 dollars, which is 1.6 dollars compared to the nearest yesterday.

The exchange rate continues to increase the illusion of the inter-war trade between China and the United States, while local market agents hope Chile's landlords continue to gain land.

Regarding the current day, the exchange rate is $ 675.50, which is a drop of $ 1.6 a month compared to the nearest yesterday.

That is, the emerging currencies are a context that is facing the best solutions for troops between Washington and Beijing, which has set the tone of these cuts over the last months.

As it happens, the exchange rate declined by a slight rise in the dollar's global price and the contraction of 0.93% of copper was $ 2.6801.

The trade war has been one of the leading emerging markets in the last 12 months. Apart from damaging the risk appetite for investors, the conflict between the two major economies in the world has caused Chile's weight through the price of copper and has fallen.


In two months, when it's over the holidays, it's time to see it, so it's possible to know how much Dollar's date will be, for example, to pay for your credit card. Indeed, the experts from the Central Bank hoped to reach the exchange rate at an interest rate.

According to more than 50 surveyed organizations, the US currency will be worth $ 675, that is, the exchange rate that is similar to those mentioned today. In addition, they hope that at the end of the year they expect $ 660 dollars to increase the dollar price.

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