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How to move old mocks in Google Home

Intelligent loudspeakers have come on the market to make it easier for the day, but for now, prices are not available to everyone. Solution? You probably have a mobile phone outside your home that you have not already used, so you have read it carefully Convert your old phone to Google Home.

Before starting work, the basics: What do you need? Only two things, speakerphone and mobile. The first one has some requirements, it is enough to work, in any case, with Bluetooth or cable. If you choose, always choose the second one, if the first ones are not disconnected from the time they are disconnected.

In the case of the phone, Google Assistant must be compatible At least Android Marshmallow must be able to work. In addition, you will need a 1.5 GB free space and a 720-pixel resolution screen on your mobile.

Starting with Google Assistant

Google Home Intelligent Speaker 2

As already foreseen, To work your mobile device as intelligent speaker, Google Assistant must be compatible. For verification, you have two options: just press the button to start the game from Google Play or press and hold the button in a few minutes. If so, the wizard will automatically boot and "OK, Google" will be enough to start working with her.

Google Home

Google Assistant is time to set up. Go to Settings> Google, and then click on "Search, Wizard and Voice." In it you can select the "Voice words" and enter the "OK Google" detection to the wizard and to save your voice, the assistant acknowledges and can fulfill your orders. After that, select "Freehand" mode and activate the wizard for Bluetooth and cable devices.

Google Home assistant settings for Google Home 1

Connect mobile and speaker

Keep in mind that everything is going to work well, your mobile phone should always be the focus of your voice commands. To do this, go to Settings> Google> Search, assistant and voice> Voice. Turn on the option to connect with the voice and unlock the mobile "OK, Google".

Until now, the basic thing to do to give your mobile phone, but to consider Google Home use, You need to connect with your regular speaker. To do this, it will be enough through either bluetooth or cable.

Ready You have already created a home speakerphone. You only left now Look closely at your home smart devices absolutely So, not only does the time and traffic issues answer, it can turn lights on the house or turn it over at a certain time.

Microphones are not always connected

Speaking of the microphone woman

Most likely, Google Home is the main problem that you detect in your home Voice detection quality. Google's speakerphone noise-abatement technology and high-quality microphones are detrimental to our voice-abilities capabilities, although mobile phones are lagging behind.

Also, you need to keep that in mind Mobile and speaker must always be connected at any time and the second must also have the "Auto shutdown" option disabled. Then the phone will be ready to listen at all times and the speakerphone will be ready to play the sound.

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