Tuesday , June 15 2021

How to use your account on two mobile phones at the same time?

Do you have more than one mobile phone and want to open your WhatsApp account? It's possible, even if you need an application.

In these times, it is becoming increasingly common for mobile phones, but you know, you can only have your own account WhastApp an open one This is correct: you can also have a problem with your mobile phone and your computer on the WhatsApp Web site at the same time, and there is roughly a trick.


How to open your WhatsApp on two mobile phones

We talk about the same messenger account, the same phone number and the same message. Chats will be available on both devices There is no problem no The key to this is the third-party application, which helps emulate a session when using the Web.

The application called Zapleron is called ZapClone and can be downloaded Play StoreYou do not need to download files from malicious websites. Its use is very simple:

  • Download the app and open an account there
  • You will find the QR code that goes to the configuration of the application and the Web style
  • When you watch the code, scan with your mobile phone. This will be your session normally open. When you open a web session too
  • Ready, now you must have WhatsApp on both devices. Keep in mind that you have read a message, they will be marked as another read and this also works on your computer: to keep the second session, the main session phone must have an Internet connection.

Magic is pretty easy, but no less useful. Yes, be careful with the mad people and want to spy and control you; Because anyone can use the app to open your account on your phone.

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