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How were the last days of Freddie Mercury, after 27 years of his death


Marianela Insua Escalante

"I will not be like Eva Perón, I do not want people to worry about going to history … I hope that after some death I would have invented something or something I had invented.. The crown was already heavy Freddie Mercury and thanks to these words, it was clear that the Earth's role was fulfilled. He lived life and many people were happy. 27 years after his death Queen is doing it

"Freddie Mercury, his life's life" (Fred Brooks and Simon Lupton, Editions Robinbook) is part of the book, and Freddie was not a long-time man. He himself said he did not expect to age, or until he was 70 years old, "It would be very boring". In the end, on Sunday, November 24, 1991, on Sunday, he died at the age of 45, due to a 4-year-old illness due to a bronchopneumonia caused by an immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

One day earlier, Saturday 23rd, the singer warned a note in which he recruited the virus: "Based on the unexpected attacks that appeared in the press over the past two weeks, I mean HIV is positive. I have AIDS, I think it was not correct to publish this information so far In order to protect the privacy of my neighbors, my friends and my fans have come to know the truth. Join my doctors and all the other people in the world who face this illness, my privacy has always been very special for me and is very popular for interviewing. . "Thus, less than 24 hours later, this communication became the latest.

Zoroastrianism is the result of the Greek or Zarathustra in Persia, the prophet of this Christian. "Illustrated" was born in Iran K. a. VI. In the century. and promoted this religion older than Christianity, Judaism and Islam. He is also one of the first monotheistic religions worshiped by Ahura Mazda. That's why Zoroastrianism is also called Zoroastrianism.

The goddess signed with fire was in attendance Farrokh BulsaraZanzibar was born Freddie Parsi was named until it became ash. The ceremony to stop the remains of Queen's singer mortality was not half an hour. All happened at the West Cemetery in London and the two Indians priests from Parsi religious funeral. The Zoroastrian people, like the Bulsara family, prayed for Avesta (the sacred texts of Zoroastria), and Freddie's father, Bomi, his mother Jer, and Kasmira were his sister. In addition, Mary Austin, former friend, friend, trustee and half heir.

Bombay, until Parsis keeps the sun's body under the sun. In England, they prefer creams. In India too, practice is questioned because there is less and less money, the bodies are stacked outdoors and the Zoroasters begin to see that their loved ones are not starting from this plane.

Freddie's farewell, pink roses Elton John contrasting bundle of bundles David Bowie. Elton Rockson was the act, Bowie was not there. With the family, with more than thirty, there were only a few Queen and a few friends. Far from gargantuan and varied holidays, in the last hours the singer came along with her closest and most beloved. Freddie coffin reached his classic Rolls-Royce and a red rose on it.

In response to the desire of Mercury's expression, in the closing ceremony, he heard that different songs were heard. He said Aretha Franklin and also Montserrat Caballé, With the interpretation of the classic "Barcelona"". And he became friends with him. They say that they were obsessed with the voice of the singer Caballé at the Royal Opera House in London, A dancing in Mask, By Verdi, in 1983. At that time, he was interested in knowing and working together.

Together with sopranos, Freddie sang the song "Barcelona" in 1987 and was very close friends. The song was for the Spanish city during the celebration of the 1992 Olympic Games, a few months before the singer died. "His illness has been very timidly and integrally, Freddie was always worried that he was a person who has been very free and has always been a musician, as it has been the case," said Montserrat. Caballé years later to TVE.

Caballé Freddi was one of the few who lived his illness, suffering and life expectancy. Soprano said: "A phrase was very simple, but it closes everything: Look at Montse, life goes by and lifts its luggage, in which all things we need to do. I carry my luggage and carry yours, then it would be impossible to throw it,. A very philosophical way of looking at his short future. "

The soprano who died in October this year spoke about the singer, who was very close and respected. In order to launch the "Barcelona" talk on television conversations, Freddie admitted that it was his favorite Spanish: "Working with him was a dream, it was a real dream, whether the voice would take part or not, or if he accepted it, the record company spread the rumor, Among my friends, and finally, Montsi's ears came to him, and he said: it's one of those things, they went well, I went to Barcelona for the first time, I played some bars and liked it, now it's a rocker " .

According to the latest album by Freddie's Queen, the band says it's a great part of the dream scene, not forgetting the band as a music band and being a friend. innuendo The Latin name, which appeared in February 1991, means something like "insinuation" or "indirect".

Montreux, Switzerland, Mountain, Studios, was first recorded at the London Studios Studios studio. In that moment Brian May and Roger Taylor They were working on parallel projects John Deacon he almost did not enter into creativity. Although Freddie's disease progressed, the star wrote all the songs and almost sung them.

List of songs is an ideal album for perfect groups. Premonitory letters, hidden messages, unforgettable reviews. "These are the days of our lives" ("Life was a bad thing, these days have disappeared, but one thing is sure, when I look and find it, I still love you, you can not turn the clock, can not you get the tide back?") "Show Must Go On" until the epic end"The show must continue … Inside, my heart is breaking, my make-up may be blighted, but my smile is still"). Each episode in the track list is another reason to worship Mercury.

With a bright and entertaining spirit, Freddie was not imagined 27 years later he continued to celebrate his music and image. When he was clear, he made this statement with a scandalous modesty Freddie Mercury, his life …: "When I am dead I would like to remember it as a musician of values ​​and substances, I do not know how to remember, I did not think, I will die, I do not think:" My God! "Would you remember?" People depend. Is it dead, who is looking after? I do not! ".

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