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Huawei has been sentenced for two years by sending an Happy Year tweet to an iPhone


January 05, 2019 – 12:32 p.m.


EFE Agency

When Huawei China penalized two of the employees of his Public Relations department, he congratulated Twitter on his Twitter account with an iPhone that he had written for New Year. economic in Caixin

Huawei will release one of its employees and cut the salaries, and the other one will not be accepted this year, the company said in an internal memo.

There was an inscription on the "Twitter via Twitter" that appeared on Huawei's new tweet, and although it was deleted in a short time, it did not prevent many users, both in China and other countries, from sharing the capture screen.

These images "negatively hurt the Huawei smartphone brand of reputation", the company regretted.

Message from Huawei on iPhone

The error, described in this document, occurred in a subsidiary called Sapient, whose group could not connect to the VPN: a virtual private network, a mechanism used in China, a cybercrime that blocks pages like Twitter. or Google tweet from your computer.

Thus, the employees used a Hong Kong SIM card to access these services on an iPhone and sent a message.

Huawei blamed Sapient for what happened to him, and did not explain the role of two of his public relations staff, who reported "bad sales management".

The Chinese mobile company is the diplomatic conflict between the United States and China, the Meng Wanzhou financial director was the Canadian detainee, on December 1, at Washington's request, in violation of Iran's financial punishment.

This created a wave of nationalism in the Chinese social networks, with the help of Huawei and US counterparts in the US, yesterday, his tax expectation reversed its expectations in the first quarter of the year as a result of the decline in revenue in China, where its downturns were economically slow.

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