Tuesday , May 18 2021

Hubble shares an astounding image of galaxy 2GB resolution

Would not it have happened that they think that the universe is horrible and overwhelming? Man does not explore, but does not see more than one part of that infinity, the miracles we have not seen yet?

The mysterious radio signals emerge from deep space

Fortunately, although this exploration is still in the early stages, it continues to be a fascinating moment, similar to the one shared by the Hubble site, a high-resolution image. It weighs up to just 2GB (665 million pixels and 32073 x 41147 resolution) and is in the download site, if we want to travel. We recommend that the detail is spectacular, a real space trip.

The triangle is the galaxy, one of our closest solar systems. Hubble is the second-largest numbered space telescope that has already retired, according to the European Space Agency (ESA). In order to live this excellent image, Hubble has had to distribute 54 photographs.

The triangle of the galaxy is a galaxy spiral located in the constellation of the triangle, and the galaxy "Local group" is the size of the third. Thanks to this magnificent image, we can see a spiral of 25 million unique stars.

It has 60,000 light years to measure the diameter, compared to the 200,000 light years of the Andromeda galaxy; The Milky Way is between these 100,000 light-years diameter.

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