Tuesday , January 18 2022

Hundreds of Argentines expect a vaccine against yellow fever


Hundreds of people gathered today in Buenos Aires to vaccinate yellow fever Everywhere in the summer trips, some of them spend the night in the health centers.

Federico Ballester and his family arrived yesterday morning almost 20 hours Thus, they will soon "vaccinate" the vaccine.

A four-person group was waiting for a long wait while waiting for a long-awaited stay at a single-bed chair, "friends, coffee, reading a book or talking to the public".

Ballester usually determined it They distribute "about 50 daily rounds" To receive the vaccine, even though "give now 85", it is not enough to cover "Approximately 150 people's request" Headquarters of the Health District of Buenos Aires, to continue the cycle in the following days.

However, the tail print has been repeated for several weeks.

"Nowadays the new queue is being formed for the next day and the people start here and go here," Ballester told Efe.

However, it is "deserving" that it guarantees the hope of enjoying a holiday in Thailand for 20 days.

For the same hope, Lourdes Pacheco is waiting for the family, "yesterday at 3:00 pm" to "Vacanópolis (Brazil)" 10 days or more "to go on vacation.

The minor is in the 12-person group, according to Lourdes, "It is very difficult to spend the night".

Next to the coin is Fabián Basta, through the Internet "Two months ago"and he had to wait"15 minutes".

It has made it possible for many travelers to request a scheduled appointment, although "things with time"because the application must be made months after the date you want to receive the vaccine.

"We need to organize things over time," Basta said Efe, to start Brazil vacation.

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