Thursday , October 6 2022

Hypnotherapy is effective in control pain


In Mexico

Mine control Thanksgiving is possible hypnotherapy, a method that can to lower pain which has no side effects or adverse reactions, reducing the cost of medications, according to research by Dr. Josué Villegas.

Report "Hypnotherapy, adjuvant treatment" manage pain"Research at the University of Valle del Valle University (UVM) in the University of Veracruz has demonstrated that this method has been reduced by 24 hours after the onset of cancer of the knee arthroscopy.

This study had a 24-hour clinical session. Control groups, at the end of their surgery, lasted about 90 minutes on the first day and the second day, the second day, the hypnosis process. It lasts about 60 minutes.

Afterwards, the EVA (Visual Analogue Scale) scale was applied to measure the pain.

The results of the evaluation demonstrated that patients with hypnotherapy treatment could have a 3-point lower risk after the surgery, compared to those with a hypnotic process.

"A cognitive behavior was used for the use of this research, which almost immediately resulted," the researcher explained.

The specialist said, although this work demonstrated that the effectiveness of hypnotherapy was applied to pain, the technique can also be used for other pathologies.

"It is used to help other situations, such as pain, dependence, alcoholism, smoking, family problems, stress, depression, that is, other clinical activities that require a mental process," he said.

However, he stressed that it is essential to have a psychologist or psychiatrist to carry out this practice, otherwise it would be risky to complete another program without recovery, without your health being inadequate.

Dr. Villegas has published in the International Journal of Multidisciplinary Multidisciplinary Research (International Scientific Dissemination Magazine) this October.

Research was also attended by Dr. Guadalupe Leyva Villanueva, Psychotherapist and Psychologist Mayra Huerta Estrada from the Winter Hospital of Veracruz. EFE

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