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I gave the first warning of disappearance

a A new precedent was given Tuesday on the disappearance and subsequent death Sebastián Leiva, Known as Cangri, one of the news that has passed away from the country of death, since the found conditions and the mysteries of research have sparked great interest.

In fact, the study illuminates the links between the deceased and why they know it three Chileans and bolivars They did not pass on enabled. According to the Homicide Brigade and the Public Ministry, those who work to clarify the death of young men.

It's in that area CHV News found New data that you can download tracks The former boy of the Republic and his previous hours will be lit to meet on Sunday the 24th.

According to Fernando Véliz, who is a member of the Uyuniko border police force, strangers "steal the vehicle and then stop there, one of them to release the Chilean authorities. We will try to identify the third percentiles that would be in Chile. "

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Da 30 year old man What was saved from the same destiny, thanking you arrest order. In the control vehicle, the order of robbery was not in the mobilization, they realized that the concept was required in court.

Speculate that After the disappearance of Cangri, important information was given to him. And if he does not know his name, he is the witness of a reserved character.

What we all know is His viewers were on the 22nd of February and were accepted by Cangri's friendsWhen Antofagasta left home, on February 18, two friends received a camera security record.

Today, they are policemen Looking to the Bolivian citizen, he was identified as "Lulu". He traveled the journey, so that Cangri would go to rest.

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In addition, the Chilean consulate is a repatriation of Leiva's organs Germán Jorge Gundián Silva, 44 years old from Chile, had a police record due to reception, drug trafficking and fraud.

On the other hand, the Tufit Bufadel Fiscal states that "If they left abandoned, they said they would die"This, due to exogenous chemical substances, was killed by Cangri, and only shorts and tee were found in the middle of the desert.

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