Tuesday , May 18 2021

"I have to do the exams": Coco Legrand recently affected health problems Television and the show

Famous national comedy Coco Legrand It was not very good in the morning.

According to the LUN national newspaper, it has been a comedy that has had problems with the last time in the audition, which has damaged its work on stage.

"I hear it inside, it's incredible – all my sounds, even when I joined my teeth", he started pointing.

According to the artist, fluid congestion in the middle ear has less hearing.

"I have to test the x-rays in both ears to see how fluid they are. I feel hated on the left. Everything is in medical evaluation. The loss of hearing is significant "he added.

Pablo Ovalle Isasmendi | ONE agency
Pablo Ovalle Isasmendi | ONE agency

Alejandro Gonzalez, his real name, underlined that such major changes in temperature could be caused.

"In general, when you travel by plane, when you travel by plane, you freeze excess air conditioning. After a few hours of climate change, heat or cold," he said.

As mentioned in the comedy, high-sounding sounds make the sensitivity 40 very light and low in the 80s.

"There is no understanding of the costs of separating the sounds of letters in milliseconds. The loss of hearing, the isolation begins in older adults "he said.

"This will help me to speak and speak. I hope you do not have any tutelage to get the knapsack collar," he said.

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