Monday , October 18 2021

"I needed all of this": Macaulay Culkin once again "My Poor Little Angel" was Kevin McCallister and hit social networks.


We all know the story, Kevin McCallister played Macaulay Culkin, "said a large family," and when he goes to vacation in France he forgets. From there, everything goes down, stopping the robbers trying to steal at Christmas alone and for themselves.

But we did not know what his premiere was about 28 years later, the protagonist of the film recreated the most iconic scene of Google ads.

In the "Home Alone Again" announcement, Culkin will revitalize the dinner scene to dinner to go to dinner alone, releasing a wave of nostalgia between icons of the 90s.

However, My Poor Angelito's "new version" changes the changes. And this time Kevin McCallister does not need traps, shotgun pellets or paint doors, but now Google Assistant helps fight bad guys.

Madness in social networks

Macaulay Culkin shared his video with his Twitter account, telling the madness of his fans and the misery of My Poor Angelito.

"You've never wondered what the adult is Kevin McCallister, I'm not. But, in that case, if you're curious, you should see this trade," the actor wrote.

Posting commented on thousands of comments with Culkin, Kevin's reinterpretation and thanking him for the best Christmas movie.

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