Monday , May 16 2022

"I respect enough to go to the hostels"


Secretary Mario Venegas (DC) has defended it National travel expenses, $ 95,880 per day They go to work for the congress.

That amount is given to each one Senator and deputy in the Santiago or Valparaíso residence. The money order argument should be assigned to multiple lodgings of different districts and out-of-home lodgings or banquets from each bank.

Venancio's conversation with Julio César Rodríguez could be a serious program in Bío Bío, making sure the amount is not correct. "The day period is 78 thousand dollars"He said.

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In addition, he defended this delivery. "It is justified from coming from the regions. We have to pay rent or hotelHe added.

He also paid $ 58,000 a night in a "regular hotel, like Diego de Almagro." "That's funny in the moderate hotel of Valparaiso," said the MP.

"I have a good respect for staying at the inns"Venegas punished.

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