Saturday , February 4 2023

I sang a version of Fito Dale poza in my heart on River-Boca


"And rejoice my heart, Libertadores Cup is my obsession," is the song by Fito Páez. His team is the most dreamed dream of having the most important American club championship.

"And rejoice my heart", Rosarino was launched in 1990 and became a true national anthem of Argentinian soccer fans.

Now, Saturday, River and Boca will play next Saturday, starting at five in the afternoon, at Monumental, Rosario musician and Fox, when the television network will be released. To create a video "Copa Libertadores mi obsesión", a versatile version of the famous theme.

Fito Paez Libertadores Obsession Tournament

"And rejoice my heart, Libertadores Cup is my obsession, and my heart is rejoicing, I have to leave my soul and my heart and rejoice my heart, Libertadores Cup is my obsession. I am glad that you should leave my heart with joy, soul and heart, soul and you must rejoice your heart, "Fito sat in front of the piano, merging images of puffy and Luke Prattor and Wanchope Ábila, with his goal.

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