Thursday , January 21 2021

"I would not choose it as a friend and it would not be"

Former Nazi tenaplain Fernando González He mentioned his relationship with other senior researchers in his country Nicolás Massú or Marcelo Ríos.

Indeed With Chino Ríos, Bomber de La Reina has less -no no-zero relationship.

"It's the Chinese rivers. No one judges someone, but I think that you do not want to be in touch with the press, you do not appear in the media"Largo de Canal 13 said Sigamos's former tennis player.

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Who was the best 5th ATP rankingHe added, "If you do not appear, hide or try. I would not want to have a relationship with the media".

"I do not have a relationship with China. I have never been. Never. There was no good wave, but bad. We're fine, but I did not call coffee. It does not matter, "Gonzalez said.

However, as expected, more than one tennis player has had a relationship with her partner more than once: Nicolás Massú.

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"I'm with Nico We have friendship with him. I think that friendships are being made, but that is also picky. And I would not choose it as a friend. And he does not, "he said.

In the professional, Bomber has no criticism in Rivers. "We had to train at Davis Cup. Perhaps as a leader, some things were missing. A little more solidary or emotional with younger colleagues ".

"Of course, it was very important to see a top player"He added," It was like that, who spoke to us, he said the same thing. It made a little more land. "

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