Wednesday , January 26 2022

I would not invite, or even a cup of coffee


Olympic champion, Fernando González kept nothing for Marcelo Ríos for a star of the world, "Siguemos de Largo" program Channel 13-n, no "Queen Bomber" said she does not have a relationship with her. Rios also pointed out the upshot of the incident.

"There is no relationship. Never. There was no good wave, but bad. We're fine, but I did not call coffee. Yes. "Gonzalez stated.

"I'm not close to him. I think that friendships are being made, but that is also picky. I would not choose it. And it's not him, "continued the Olympic Medalists.

Marcelo Ríos was in Chile, Gonzalez replied, "It was good that we should train at Davis Cup. Perhaps as a leader, some things were missing. A little more assistant or lower empathy with your partners, but, of course, it was very important how was a top player. It was like that. This comparable to us, says the same hueás. It made a little more land. "

He also spoke about a repeated polemic about a number of people around the world. It's the "Chinese" river. Nobody judges someone, but I think that you do not have a relationship with the press or appear in the media. He tries to hide more. For example, I would not come here. "

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