Tuesday , January 25 2022

IBM is a new quantum computer


It seems like a steampunk job, it can be real and important in the next research. Check out the images.

IBM and other companies are working on the future of quantum computing. Although there is probably still a long way home-away computer, there are some interesting advances (through Engadget).

Last year, IBM included 50 kubits of computer or quantum bit, but it has been improved today. IBM Q is called System One and is only 20 meters in length, as mentioned, everything is based on design and operation.

As an approach, quantum computing calls quantum algorithms, it processes complex tasks. Traditional bits, unlike "one" or "zero", qubits can simultaneously take two values ​​or two proportional mixtures (scientists are called "overlap").

Well, according to the project, Map Project Office (an industrial design firm) collaborated with IBM, and the result is:

According to Engadget, all the pieces are nestled within a 2.7-meter cube, consisting of a borosilic glass. Also, the door and rear door can be opened at the same time to allow the engineers to access various control and cooling modules.

"We have focused on chip architecture and design, we have analyzed all the factors that influence the construction of quantum chip, which will allow us to increasingly expand and manage qubits, with fewer defects."

The new IBM design is expected to reduce the errors that occur when performing experiments and therefore reliability for the company's different business and research partners.

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