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It can be a good night's sleep in the neighborhood cakes, fast food and recommended snacks to become the perfect customer of the manufacturers. It would not be your fault, but your brain responds to a long follow-up, increasing your interest in healthy snacks. At least, recent research suggests that scientists have analyzed the relationship over time, that is, dream and appetite

Loak is slowly modifying the obesity, sleep time, body fat and body mass index, the parameter that has been challenged in recent years. What is not so clear about what the mechanism describes. There is a very broad understanding of hormonal responsibility, but new work has focused on the suspension of the mechanism of the brain, and its effects give us more pleasure when we eat when we eat when we eat when we do not rest.

How many chocolate bars should you pay?

"Exams that analyze the change hormones are an explanation of how to add food to controlled environments in the laboratory, and they do not respond to real life situations," the authors of the new article explained. He has seen the light in the magazine Neuroscience Magazine. Among our practice practices, our body is a habit of feeding internal glucose into the habit of measuring hormone levels.

In order to overcome the problem, the international team that signs the new job set out a simple point of view: an auction. 32 wills of a healthy and thin group of two were admitted twice a night, after joining the customs and after awaking the night (something is not recommended, but sometimes it was necessary). ). They offer chocolates and fried potatoes, such as chocolate or a cup of coffee, and they sell their quotes in unhealthy ways and do not sleep.

The participants divided into two teams and started on the same day. Researchers also They were sleeping with a restless electronic device, and others did not sleep in software programming. In addition, they have studied the level of blood hormones and they do not have a different level of cranium, the hunger hormone. Following these motives, the only other suspect was the hedonic reward mechanism that was activated through magnetic resonance imaging. Experimental brain regions were activated.

They must wait for obesity

The use of neuroimaging techniques to bring the relationship between scientists' sleep and hunger is deepening what is happening at the head of the volunteer breakfast, says Professor of Nutrition at the University of Navarra Alfredo Martínez. However, this is just the beginning of the new investigation. "You can not exclude the hedonic mechanism, pleasure, reward, But there are more hormones about hunger than those who measured this research, "he warns.

In addition, it is possible that the nightmare generated by the night throughout the night would cause more energy to be absorbed, and that is why the group was forced to spend on recovering strength. And the relationship between obesity and sleep deprivation, suggesting researchers in the text that explains the experiment might not seem direct. "Peace and obesity are not associated with physical exercise," says Martínez. It seems very difficult for us to use free time when we sleep in the sport.

For a worse reason, no one knows what would happen to be choosing healthy foods instead of ultracaloric foods. In all, scientists have detected amygdala and hypothalamus activity in the mind behind uncontrolled hunger. And if the control of the waist control the brain?

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