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Ignore the negative feelings to destroy oneself. – 12/30/2013

Have you ever been so sensitive? Every time we offer ourselves in the world of life, more temptations to abandon feelings and ignore pain. Trying to tell the inside is hard to hear and, in the short term, it's a good thing: it's a trap: By neglecting these messages, we suffer more in the long run.

We think everything happensExceptional feelings can be a very high price and make the body harmful. When we move away, criticize or criticize us for feelings, it suffers health. It explores them and leads to the fear of feeling. Feels healed

The consequences of avoiding feelings

In the words of the psychologist Maria Súnico, the effects of neglecting, denying or avoiding negative emotions may vary, and one of them is not positive"These emotions continue to worsen, in order to neutralize their intensity, frequency or duration, or to develop maladaptive behaviors, which can lead to compassion (similarities and re-leveling) strategies to prevent aggravation (alcohol, drugs, medication. ..).

The first step towards healing is our emotions

The first step towards healing is our emotions

A new study by the University of Texas has shown how, By avoiding our emotions, we really reinforce them, thus increasing our aggressiveness. It can cause many illnesses in the body and mind, causing many health problems.

Repressing emotions through, confusing and hurting our body in a very deep way. Emotions affect our whole organism; Our body is fighting for our survival and we are trying to keep it safe at all times. Although we begin to think of an emotion that confronts us with emotion, despite knowing emotionally and reacting to a process, it ultimately protects both physical and mental risks.

Except for negative emotions – anger, sadness, pain or frustration – it connects to heart disease, autoimmune, ulcer, or gastrointestinal problems. Other studies show The frustration of feelings has a high correlation with high cortisol – a hormone released from stress response) – and cortisol creates less immunity and increases the toxicity patterns. Over time, eUntreated or recognized stress can lead to increased risk of diabetesProblems with memory, aggression, anxiety and depression.

Acceptance is the key

Listening to our emotions is terrifying and weird, self-study, Educating about emotional science and gaining confidence is a great improvement. The appetite is based on the approval of the night, which is not very healthy.

For Súnico, It is the best way to fight negative emotionss. "Emotion appears, it happens, it can strike (sometimes it hurts), but it always disappears. Strategies that we get are usually those that are lessening the negative emotions."

The first step towards healing is our emotions

The first step towards healing is our emotions

Following this advice, the specialist proposes a simple exercise: "The next time you feel bad, stop for two seconds (there is" sadness, "" anger, "" frustration, "), take a deep breath and encourage words, love and what is happening. It's a step, I'm sure you'll feel better. "

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