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"I'm a conservative, but my role is a continuation of government health policies"

Photo: Isidoro Valenzuela M.

A few months ago – after the exit Erick JimenezThe product of a possible anti-check objection that warned that at least 200 clinical hours had not been taken – it took a regional health portfolio pharmacist chemist 39 years old, Héctor Muñoz.

He was the assistant director and local director of several pharmaceutical centers in the region, as well as from the council of Concepcion, from 2012 to 2015, and since the year 2016 resigned from the positions of the local health portfolio.

The new Sanitary Authority, which was kidnapped on December 14 by General Jorge Ulloa, saw more progressive sectors, especially with the strong evangelical world. In spite of the fact that he and his wife, Francesca Muñoz, were members of the RN, they also participated in the religious political group Las Águilas, which was transformed into the first evangelical president of the University of Concepción, the last decade of Muñoz.

However, Muñoz dismissed that his concept of valuation was in conflict with his new responsibility, since his role is clearly the continuation of Government public health policies.

– How did you see the ancient role of Seremi de Salud and how was it changed to the healthcare authority?

– Outside it recognizes the technical work of Health Seremi, related to the control and control of issues that may pose a health problem.

But it does not measure the volume of work and the extent of the organization's powers. It deals with aspects such as food safety, environmental management, basic sanitation, occupational health, zoonoses, pharmaceuticals and professional medicine, public health, epidemiology and health promotion, among others.

Within the organization, the importance of the task is understood to educate, to prevent and prevent outbreaks of foodborne diseases, to control the health interest vectors, such as hantavirus, rabies or hydatidosis (parasitic disease).

– There are several areas

Yes, Seremi de Salud is responsible for controlling occupational risks, such as psychosocial, pesticide poisoning, high muscles or silicate skeletal disorders, silicosis, and other complications of pulmonary fibrosis.

To do this, we must monitor the water-based drinking water systems, other activities that affect the population's health, prevent and help them, and also reduce the burden on the health of the region, which allows the decompression of networks.

– What are its distinguishing attributes or competences, which contribute to the management of healthcare?

– Academic education and practice, which I know as my pharmaceutical pharmacy, can find out about aspects that are controlled by Health Seremi, such as Pharmacy and Medical Care.

I think it was the role of community councilor, both at the Health and Safety Commissions and in the community of opinion on the position, to get public policies closer to the community.

Improve citizen's sensitivity issues, such as access to health promotion, transmissions of chronic non-transmitted diseases, transmissive diseases or zoonotic transmissions of scientific interest, among other things.

– What is the first diagnosis, strengths and weaknesses of the institution's work?

– The strengths are the institutional respect for classmates and communities, due to the large technical specialization of professional groups throughout the country, which has an active representation in the provinces of Bío Bío. Arauco, as well as Talcahuano, Tomé and Coronel offices.

Another planned commitment is that the 2019 budget 2019 million of 2019 allows the strategies, programs and actions that help prevent illnesses from investing. In this way, the healthcare network reduces the load burden.

The interaction between public and private entities, with a wider and healthier view, with excessive malnutrition problems, such as hantavirus, rabies and the effect of zoonosis on hydatidosis are positive management.

Effective integration of people with disabilities; HIV / AIDS and IST prevention and control (sexually transmitted infections), among other social-influential issues.

– What are weaknesses?

– Among the parties to be strengthened we must establish effective mechanisms that allow us to face situations of appearance. We currently have regional assets in the case of parotitis and hepatitis.

We must increase community participation in health promotion strategies and activities, as well as bringing health care to neighborhoods, without prejudice to the health risk posed by massive competition.

-What are the challenges of public health?

– Epidemiology, one aspect related to Public Health work, is a great job of preventing Hepatitis A from the incidence that has occurred since 2013, and in the 51st weeks this year 1,230 cases are registered. It has 55.1 cases of 100 thousand inhabitants.

We will also strengthen the prevention and control of lies or masks, and 1,670 cases are recorded in the same week, 77.5 per 100 thousand inhabitants. Likewise, it will apply to other emergencies that endanger the health of the population of the Region.

Likewise, we continue with the National Plasma Serum Hyperimmune project, in collaboration with Healthcare Concepcion and Blood Center Concepción, helped to reduce the death of Hantavirus, an ecus technique (respiratory support). The region. Six cases have been registered this year without proof of mortality.

– Will it work to reduce HIV infections?

– Yes, the detection of HIV / AIDS cases will also be strengthened throughout the entire country through rapid tests, without the knowledge of people with illness, treatment may be introduced as soon as possible, their quality of life

In fact, on Wednesday, we announced the HIV 2019 Rapid Test campaign, to find out about the health status of infected people and start treatment. To do this, we have done 20 thousand proofs quickly, we will carry out a fieldwork visit to discourses and beaches to promote the importance of the test and to make progress.

– HIV is just like a chronic illness and enough to control this. How does that answer?

– Because it can be seen as a common chronic illness, it is an error due to the fact that it is a dangerous virus, if it is not monitored and due to illness associated with the immune-borne disease resulting from immune-related treatment.

– What are the expectations of healthcare and health promotion?

– In terms of healthcare activity, the challenge focuses on food, food safety, and pharmaceutical audits, among others, in communities and neighborhoods.

We will also continue active Seremi participation in the Environmental Contamination Exposure Program, Peca, Coronel, in accordance with the guidelines given by Minsal. In addition, the scheduled closure of the Lebu landfill for the end of the plan, providing an effective solution to the availability of authorized waste dumps.

In the promotion of health, it is particularly encouraging to accelerate the Healthy Living System in order to reduce sedentary, obesity, and overweight lifestyle, especially those under the age of six, and throughout the territory of massive action.

In general, I want to promote prevention and health in the neighborhood and families.

– From a political and ideological point of view, how will you become the head of your health portfolio?

I am a National Action for Innovation. I have been under the leadership of the students and I was a councilor in Concepción for almost two periods.

I am ideologically more conservative, but I still understand how to continue to play a role in public attitudes to the policies established by the Government and to all the inhabitants of the region.

– From the spiritual point of view, how does personal conviction coincide with its Values ​​Matters with Minsal's public policies?

– In democracy all people allow us to reveal our thoughts and convictions, which always appear in everyday actions. In my case, these convictions relate to basic values ​​such as honesty, transparency, respect for others, and the defense of life, among others.

In this context, according to the development of my faith, I do not see that the Ministry of Health is a barrier to the development of the policies entrusted.

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