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"I'm going to take a complicated team and I'll have to take it" "PrensaFútbol


Sunday, November 25, 2018


Everton, coach Javier Torrente triumphed three times against the Palestinian against the final of the Nation's Cup final of 3-0, and the team's rollover fell almost completely. That's why he has rated the psychological work he has done with the campus.

Javier Torrent, the Everton coach of Viña del Mar, explored the triumph and victory of "rulers", with a 3-0 free-kick in Palestine but almost without danger. For this reason, he assessed his psychological work with his technical staff at the campus.

"They are proud of the boys who work well in the second round, they have made an effort, fans are proud of and blocking the Palestinian roads and creating many situations," he said after the CDF match.

As he progresses in the group, he has explained the role played by a fundamental part. "This is work, seriousness and driving. It does not matter too much scheme, proposal, what we can do for the week, this is human leadership. I'm not a great coach but I wanted to worry about that part," he explained.

"The main thing is to have a healthy competition in the team, a high level of training and commitment when it comes to the field," he added.

"I had to take the teams in complicated situations and move on to them. Next week we confirmed the good team's time and closed it," he concluded.

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