Wednesday , October 20 2021

IMAX closes the last three rooms and abolishes all other investments


At least on paper, it was a good idea. These were movie theaters designed by IMAX, where attendees could use top-grade StarVR glasses. This offered an exclusive virtual reality under the 5K resolution. Well, these two films almost two years later IMAX VR, announces the last three closed operations of the company.

IMAX has officially left virtual reality After projecting a couple of those who were expecting it: the first camera that was developing with the camera to record virtual reality with Google; And the second, this IMAX VR project.

Virtual reality is not convinced

Through a communication aimed at its shareholders, IMAX closes the last three IMAX VR centers, without mentioning the "investments related to the virtual reality", without specifying what these investments are.

After clarifying the doubts about virtual reality participation, especially at high cost, IMAX decided to recover something massive so people could "live" their experience. top-level related to virtual reality. In this way, IMAX VR was born with the help of StarVR, providing 5km helmets.

IMAX VR opened seven facilities in early 2017 In some regions of the world: Bangkok, Los Angeles, Toronto, Manchester, New York and Shanghai. Here were several games, such as Justice League & # 39; Imax VR Exclusive & # 39; and the Star Wars universe, including demand. In fact, HTC Vive Pro glasses were later chosen to expand the game catalog.

In 2018, IMAX closed the first two centers at the beginning of the year. Then, after IMAX and Google canceled their projects, the company closed two others. Now this is confirmed The last three will remain at the beginning of 2019.

The company does not give details of the results of this bet, but the CEO, Richard Gelford, "the consumer reaction was very positive, but they were just figures". Reality is that From the beginning it was difficult to sell this project to users, they did not find an attractive encounter, alone or with friends, to play in virtual reality.

The idea of ​​IMAX was to have more than 12 centers for virtual reality 201, but we now know that there will be no progress. One of the causes of this change in plans is definitely the cancellation of the VR camera with Google, which in the future made a commitment to create studio movies for a studio sale studio. IMAX VR-n. Nowadays, this is history and virtual reality is not yet the revolution prescribed for us.


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