Tuesday , January 18 2022

In 2017, more than $ 20 million were transferred to save the tax


According to a report, Google should transfer around $ 23 million to stop paying taxes on Bermuda tax sponsor

Nobody likes to pay taxes, even if nobody chooses to transform millions of tax havens. Fortunately (for them); Google can do it and, of course, has done it. And there was little money: we talked about $ 23 million (22,700 million).

It seems that they took the money in Bermuda in 2017. The move from the Netherlands to the screen of Bermuda society. Numbers were the same Google Netherlands Summary of annual accounts

So if someone tells you your name, your email or your phone on Google

Google prevents paying taxes

This popular technique for taxing tax taxes is the sending of money from Irish company in the Netherlands, it is interesting that it is not an employee. From here the company of Bermuda will be sent to the screen, another Irish company. Thus, the triangle of goods in Mountain View.

"We will pay all our taxes and we comply with the tax regulations of all countries where we operate." Google made sure of a statement.

"As with multinational companies, most of the taxes are paid on corporate profits In the country of origin and in the last ten years we have paid a general tax rate of 26% ". they added

But why did they decide to send them money? This strategy is known as the "Dutch Double Irish Sandwich" and, in fact, is quite legal. But not much.

The European Union and the United States know that, and the Irish pressure on them is to leave this agreement (freedom of movement of resources) to be abolished. That's how: by 2020 fiscal benefits will end on Google; so that they seem to be making the most of it, they seem to be able to move as much money as possible; Why, at the end of the day, because they have to pay taxes in the country because of paying taxes abroad?

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