Friday , May 20 2022

In Audio, he denounced the scam: Paulina Rubio, the scavenger of the Teleton show. | telethon


Tomorrow morning, Telethon 2018 ended, exceeding the total target of $ 32,851,438,341.

Since the National Stadium, several artists have performed Emmanuel, Los Jaivas, People Zone, Becky G, Leslie Grace and Paulina Rubio.

And the second was a frightening moment in a show. Problems with Audio revealed the use of playback.

Mexico happened when he played his classical It's not a single word, pointing to the microphone in the audience, each track did not emit his voice.

In addition, in order to disguise the inappropriate moment, the blonde moved from one place to another to sing the audience.

The use of reproduction has to be mentioned every year One of Teleton's data is criticized by viewers through social media, so that each artist sings directly.

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