Thursday , October 6 2022

In December there are more cases of heart attack


MEXICO.- Excitement of holidays everything works best This season can be very stressful, especially for women.

Cardiovascular disease (heart disease) is a disturbing state of affliction with women due to stress over time.

You can lose the symptoms at the beginning and the end of the benefits soft heartThink of the stress and seriousness of being the best hostesses, said the website of the Excelsior website on its website.

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The risk is greater if stress occurs during a traumatic event, such as the murder of a family member, a car accident or financial problems.

Karla Kurrelmeyer, a DeBakey Heart and Cardiologist at the Houston Methodology School, said most of the time, people who suffer from heart disease They will have sore throats and little breathing, among other things.

But the heart's symptoms can be so small, they can have a bad indigestion, or they feel a simple discomfort on the chest or back, he explained.

He stressed the importance of controlling these symptoms, as soon as possible, to prevent scarring or heart damage, especially among women between 50 and 70, who are affected by this condition.

If you have extreme weakness or fatigue you have to pay attention, reduction of breath, anxiety, reduction of carbohydrate consumption, speed or irregular heartbeat, indigestion or difficulty breathing (food pass).

Specialists recommend over time this time and do things that help to relieve stress, such as those that help end up with endorphins and exercise satisfaction.

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