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In detail, see the incredible red superluna that will be in Chile in 2019

NASA reported that 2019 will be charged with astronomical events: five eclipses, planetary transport, meteor shower, three superlunasThe blue moon and the proximity of the Moon and Jupiter are some pending phenomena.

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At the beginning of the new year comes a unique lunar phenomenon. du Sunday, January 20 North and South American will enjoy it "Blood of Supermoon".

A curious and strange phenomenon Dark-colored moon when it originates The Earth is interconnected between Satellites and Suns, which loses its light, changes the color of the moon's shades dark brown.

In fact, when the Moon is near Earth's orbit, it can be seen in a size more than usual, known as phenomenon superluna.

The sky will be one of the most fascinating shows, since the first moon is well known "The Wolf's Moon", this event will be registered "Ecliptic moon of the wolves of blood".

The phenomenon will begin 23:37 a.m. Sunday 20, so it can be seen throughout Chile 2:43 a.m. on the 21st of January, According to the media in the United States of America.

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It will be enough clear sky Hundreds of witnesses are witnesses of the moment that the Moon sets in motion orange and yellow splashes while red is covered in red.

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