Monday , October 25 2021

In six cases of Hantavirus, they have declared a health alert in Chubut



The Chubut government has declared its health framework in Esquel's Program Framework after examining six cases of hantavirus on Epai.

Six deadly people, two died and two others died. The Ministry of Health of Chubut has reported that all cases "coincided in time and place," confirms the occurrence of the hantavirus.

Cases that have been detected by Hantavirus are described as "appearances", "occur in the same context in the same place and at the same place in Epuy," said Dr. Jorge Elias at Telam.

"After a few hours of analyzing the situation and updated data, we will end the hypothetical humanitarian revolution, to exclude the opposite", added the professional.

Now, when contacted as a hypothesis is described as "person person", "the first element to be considered is the only and sensible case in space and time, because of all positive cases and the same place."

Likewise, he clarified that "the 7th and 21st day period in which the symptomatic situation in positive cases took place", Malbrán confirmed six.

Preventive measures

The recommendations are: If you decide to camp, choose a place without grass and do not sleep in direct contact with grass; respect parking lots and managers, signals and health workers; the authorized paths to travel, with the appropriate clothes and shoes, avoiding weeds; well-ventilated, clean and cleaned with houses and sheds; Use less than an hour for saving and saving smoothly, environments that are closed for a long time; Rural tasks that make clothes, shoes suitable and respiratory protections, with chinstrap or cloth.

If you have any questions, go to the nearest hospitals or health centers.

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